Video Projectors Large Venue

Christie LX120 / Sanyo PLCFX46/ Eiki LCXT4 12000 Lumen Projector


The Christie LX120 or Sanyo PLC-XF46N, offers outstanding improvements in both performance and reliability. The projector uses three large 1.8 inch, 1024 by 768 pixel LCDs to produce startling amounts of light on the big screen -- up to 12,000 lumens -- with 4 UHP lamps, each producing only 300 watts of power. If two of these relatively light weight (80.5 lbs.) tabletop projectors are stacked and aligned together -- with motorized zoom, focus and shift lenses -- they can produce a total of 24,000 lumens on screens up to 600 inches in diagonal size. If the XF46N is operated in the two-lamp mode, a single projector can still produce 6000 lumens with an overall lamp life of more than 4000 hours (single lamp life of 2,000 hours in normal mode or 2500 hours in a lower power "Eco mode"). With four lamps, you'll never be left without a projected image -- the XF46N can automatically switch to a long-life, low power, "Failsafe" mode whenever a single lamp defect is detected. Plus the use of low power, low cost UHP lamps results in overall running costs about half that of other systems in the same high brightness class.

The XF46N's outstanding brightness comes with a highly impressive image quality. SANYO uses a colorful three panel LCD and optical block design in the XF46N which provides up to 1200 to 1 contrast ratio along with naturally smooth color and grey scale variations, all of which means that the XF46N can produce life-like, virtual reality images on any big screen. Of course it takes more than outstanding optics to make excellent image quality -- it takes advanced image processing ICs too. The XF46N has special circuits that provide Dynamic Auto Gamma Processing. These circuits optimize the dynamic range of the luminance signals by adjusting the gamma setting and offset in real time, according to the projected image. Put that together with SANYO's automatic circuits for Vertical and Horizontal Edge Enhancement and you get images with realistic depth and sharp detail even in areas where the image signal is shallow or would otherwise look washed out or harsh.


  • Brightness 12000 Lumens
  • Resolution XGA (1024 x 768)
  • Uniformity 90%
  • Panel System 1.8 TFT Poly x 3
  • Number of Pixels 2,359,296 (786,432 x 3)
  • Contrast Ratio (Full on / off) 1300:1
  • Image Size Dependent on Lens
  • Aspect Ratio 4:3
  • Projection Lamp (s) 300W UHP x 4
  • Scanning Frequency H 15-120k Hz / V 50-120Hz
  • Dot Clock 230MHz
  • dB Rating 51
  • Voltage 120V (16A Max : AC Cord 20A/125V type)
  • BTU Rating 5800
  • Power Consumption 1700W
  • Weight 80.5 lbs.
  • Dimensions (inch) 22.9 x 9.9 x 30.8
  • Projection Lens (inch) Lens Sold Separately
  • Throw Distance (feet) Dependent on Lens
  • Zoom / Focus Dependent on Lens
  • Throw Ratio Dependent on Lens
  • Zoom Ratio Dependent on Lens
  • Up / Down Ratio 10:0-0:10 (Lt / Rt 3:2 -2:3) : / dependent on lens
  • Power Lens Shift Up / Down / Left / Right
  • Optional Lenses Yes
  • Rear Screen Projection (L / R Reverse) Yes
  • Ceiling Mountable (T / B Reverse) Yes
  • Digital Keystone Correction V +/- 30
  • Digital Zoom 49x - 1/4x
  • Digital Interface (HDCP Compatible) DVI-I
  • Analog Interface 5BNC, 2BNC, S-video D-sub 15 pin
  • USB Port Yes
  • RS-232 Control Carry and / or Yes (In / Out)
  • Speaker Output No
  • Audio Output RCA (L/R) x 1
  • PC Monitor Output No
  • PC-Less Presentation No
  • Wireless Presentation No
  • Network Control / Admin Optional
  • Custom Startup Screen No
  • Detachable Input Panels Yes
  • Shipping Case Optional
  • Remote Control Backlight Wired / IR


  • Sanyo LNS-T01Z Long Fixed: Throw Ratio: 7.0:1 F = 2.0 Lens Shift: 8:1 ~ 1:8
  • Sanyo LNS-T02 Long Zoom Throw Ratio: 4.6 ~ 6.0:1 F = 2.0 ~ 2.9
  • Sanyo LNS-W03 On-Axis Short Fixed Throw Ratio: 0.8:1 F = 2.6
  • Standard Lens