Video Switchers, Scalers and Converters

HDMI Splitter


This 1x2 HDMI splitter distributes the HDMI input into two identical, synchronized outputs. The splitter also has the ability of buffering and amplifying, and can achieve long distance transmission of HDMI signal of up to 15 meters. When two or more splitters are cascaded they can be used to create a larger distribution.

This splitter offers an ideal solution for HDTV retail and show site which is suitable for HDTV, STB, DVD and projector, data center control, information distribution, conference room presentation, school and corporate training environment.


  • 1. Supports HDMI 1.3, 1080p video solution, bandwidth Up to 225MHz
  • 2. Supports 3D (If your devices support 3D)
  • 3. Supports HDCP, 8bit per channel (24bit all channel) deep color
  • 4. Supports uncompressed audio such as LPCM, DTS-HD and Dolby True HD
  • 5. Cascaded: Large distribution achieved by cascading more HDMI Amplifier Splitter