Video Camera Production Accessories

VidPro RC-10 Tripod Camera Remote Control


Compatible with A/V R or LANC controlled equipment

Compatible with:

Sony HDR-HC1 HDR-FX1 FX5 VX2000 VX2100 VX2200 PD150 PD170 HDR-UX1 HC5 UX7 SR7 GVD-1000 GHV-D700 HDR-FX1000 HDR-FX7 HC7 DRC-PC1000 RM-1BP RM1BP

Sony HDR-CX110,HDR-CX130,HDR-CX160,HDR-CX360V,HDR-CX560V,HDR-CX700V,HDR-HC9,HDR-PJ10,HDR-PJ30V,HDR-PJ50V,HDR-TD10,HDR-XR150,HDR-XR160 HDR-XR550V HD Handycam Camcorder

Canon XL H1a, XL H2

Includes: LANC 2.5mm to AV/R 10pin adapter cable


  • Integrated clamp securely attaches unit to tripod handle
  • Zoom control rocker switch for wide-angle and telephoto operation
  • Zoom speed adjustment dial allows precise zoom control
  • Record button easily starts or stops video recording
  • On/off screen feature to control the camcorder's LCD display
  • Focus button sharpens and blurs video for creative recording
  • Search feature allows locating footage for playback
  • On/Off switch remotely turns your camcorder on or off