Audio Conferencing

Gentner TI 7200 TI7200 Teleconferencing Interface also FOR SALE


The TI7200 Teleconferencing Interface is

the key component in any teleconferencing

application that requires the highest

level of sound quality. It is ideally suited

for conducting audio teleconferencing

calls over the telephone network or providing

the audio interface for video teleconferencing


As the center of the teleconferencing

installation, microphone mixers, power

amplifiers, telephone lines, and video

CODECs all directly connect to the

TI7200. Its versatility lets you define

the components you need for your application.

One TI7200 is all that is required when

the distant location is using a handset or

speakerphone. When open microphones

and speakers are used at each location, it

is best to use one TI7200 at each location.

This maximizes the audio quality of

the teleconference and maintains full

duplex operation. When used in video

teleconferencing applications, one

TI7200 is required to interface to the

video CODEC or transceiver system at

each location.

The TI7200 is equipped with a wealth of

extras. An RS-232 connection provides

system wide control for most popular

remote control systems. A remote port

provides system access from Gentner


  • Two wire/telephone or four wire/video
  • operation
  • 192 millisecond echo cancellation
  • span
  • 7 kHz frequency response
  • Bridge connection for multiple location
  • conferencing
  • rooms
  • RS232 port for custom remote control
  • systems
  • 100% digital audio processing
  • Completely full duplex operation
  • Digital gain processing
  • Auto answer/auto disconnect
  • Privacy button for private conversation
  • Rooms using custom remote control
  • systems
  • Distance learning
  • Courtroom teleconferencing
  • Echo Cancellation Span:192 milliseconds
  • Integrates with most video teleconferencing
  • systems for superior audio
  • quality
  • Optimum sound quality for audio teleconferencing
  • Digitally eliminates acoustic echo for
  • increased intelligibility
  • Multiple location conference calling
  • People at all
  • Power Requirements:85-240 VAC; 50/60Hz Fuse:2 amp, 250 VAC