Prosumer/Consumer Video Cameras

Sony DSR-390 DVCAM DSP Video Camera camcorder


The Sony DSR-390 is the professional camcorder for serious industrial shooter, event videographers, and even low budget digital filmmakers. For a truly professional camera it is light in weight and easy to use. Advanced features include low-light and bright-light sensitivity, easy to master menu systems, custom picture settings with memory, sophisticated exposure controls and it can even power an on-camera sungun. The camera has a 6-pin Firewire connector that will allow you to connect to an outboard hard-disk or directly to a non-linear edit system.

Items Included:

- Sony DSR-390 3-CCD Professional DVCAM Camcorder

- Canon YH18x6.7 KRS-A SY14 Broadcast Zoom Lens

- Sony DXF-801 Viewfinder

- Stereo Microphone w/ Windscreen

- Instruction Manual

- Petrol U-bag 3 DV Camcorder Case