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Gefen W/ Audio component to HDMI converter


Convert Component Video and Digital Audio to HDMI.

The Component + Digital Audio to HDMI? Adapter is a unique device that allows older analog devices to be integrated seamlessly into the modern home theater. This adapter connects component video home theater devices to HDMI? compliant digital monitors. This adapter also takes digital audio and encodes it onto the HDMI signal for the full HDMI video and audio effect. With the Component + Digital Audio to HDMI Adapter legacy home theater devices can be easily connected any HDMI display for the full digital video and audio experience.

How It Works

Simply connect the supplied Component cable to the input side of the Component + Digital Audio to HDMI? Adapter. Then connect the Toslink digital audio cables to the audio input of the Component + Digital Audio to HDMI Adapter. Then connect the HDMI display or projector to the HDMI output of the Component Audio to HDMI Adapter. The adapter generates the compatible analog to digital conversion signals for video as well encoding the audio onto the HDMI to make the connection between the analog inputs and the digital output work.


  • Allows you to connect YPbPr HDTV sources to an HDMI? display
  • Encodes digital audio onto the video signal for HDMI? video and audio
  • Supports HDTV/YPbPr
  • Supports HDTV resolution up to 1080p
  • HDMI? compliant


  • Component cables
  • RCA cables