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Vintage SONY EVO-9700 Hi8 Video Cassette Recorder Player

SONY EVO-9700 Hi8 Video Cassette Recorder Player


Manufacturer: Sony

Self-contained dual transport editor deck

Quick Edit and Program Edit

Preview and Review functions

Video or audio insertion

Built-in Digital Chrominance Noise Reducer (Digital CNR)

Noiseless digital framing technology allows Slow motion and Freeze edit

8mm time code

Add time code after recording without dubbing video

Separate outputs from both player and recorder

External input for record side

One monitor editing with picture-in-picture feature

Full size keyboard character generator

Four character sizes and seven colors

Use with Hi8 or regular 8 tapes

Shuttle -17 to +19x normal speed

Jog frame by frame

Separate PCM and AFM audio level controls

PCM stereo sound tracks, 80dB dynamic range

AFM monaural audio track

Mini stereo headphone jack with level control

BNC and S-Video in/out

BNC 6and RCA video monitor out

RCA audio and monitor out

Accessory AC outlet for optional monitor


  • Key Board
  • Controller