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Inteface: Audio Video Interface Proco AV1A

Audio Video Interface Proco AV1A


The Pro Co Monolink AV-1A Audio-Visual Interface allows line or speaker level outputs of movie projectors, audio and video tape/cassette recorders, computers, etc., to be connected to microphone inputs of house or portable P.A. systems for programs in school auditoriums, lecture halls, civic meetings and corporate board rooms. The AV-1A provides audio interfacing and isolation with wide response and low distortion. Three different types of input connectors?1/4" (6.3mm) T/R/S phone, 2 RCA-type phono, and 3.5mm T/R/S mini jacks ? simplify connection of most equipment. The LINE/SPKR attenuator switch allows the AV-1A to be safely connected to the speaker outputs of older tube-type equipment: a 16-ohm, 5-watt load resistor simulates the speaker impedance to prevent damage to the amplifier output stage, while a highfrequency filter reduces hiss from noisy electronics. The HI/LO attenuator switch allows greater flexibility for handling line output sources at either ?hi-fi? -10 dBV or ?professional? +4dBm levels. The DBT-1 transformer provides a floating 150-ohm output with a standard 3-pin male XLRtype connector, so connection to most P.A. system mixers or mixer/amplifiers requires only a standard microphone cable. The GND/LFT switch eliminates hum and buzz from AC ground loops between equipment. For further versatility of operation, there is also a 1/4" (6.3mm) unbalanced line-level output


  • Better Sound from Projectors, Computers and DVDs
  • Ideal for Meetings, Lectures and Presentations
  • Output Transformer for Ground Isolation
  • Offers Choice of Standard Connectors ? No Adapters Needed
  • Handles Signal Levels from -20 to +40 dBv
  • 16O Dummy Load Prevents Amplifier Damage
  • Rugged ?Uni-box?? Construction Provides Protection and Shielding