Video Switchers, Scalers and Converters

Composite, S video YUW to @ SDI outputs TVONE SD210AD

Analog Composite Svideo to SDI converter


High-performance analog-to-SDI converter (modelSD-210AD.

Multi-standard analog video-to-SDI converter, the SD-210AD incorporates 12-bit A/D converters providing 10-bit video decoding. Accepting NTSC, PAL-B, G, N, M, and SECAM inputs, the unit handles 525 or 625 line signals. Component video (YUV) input is menu-selectable in either SMPTE or Betacam formats. Just like the SD-220DA, front panel controls and an LCD display are used to govern the actions of an integral video processor providing adjustment for luminance, chrominance, setup, hue, and sharpness. A desktop metal case comes standard with each unit once again, and a rackmount assembly is offered optionally.