Small to Medium PA Systems

Fender PD-250 250 Watt PA System


e Fender Passport Deluxe PD-250 Portable PA gives you convenience, portability, reliability, and amazing ease of use. What more could you ask for? How about high-fidelity audio to rival a home theater? That's the Fender Passport Deluxe Series. A highly evolved loudspeaker design, the Deluxe Speaker Array, delivers wide horizontal projection, remarkable clarity, and truly impressive imaging via 4 speaker drivers per cabinet (x2 cabs).

PLEASE NOTE: We have both Gray and white colors


  • 250W (125 per channel) of stereo power with digital reverb
  • Proprietary DSA speaker design with 4 custom speaker drivers per cab
  • 4 mic/line inputs
  • 2 mono/stereo inputs
  • Works on batteries or AC wall current
  • 2 P-51 microphones with stand clips, speaker cables, and individual carrying pouches
  • 4-channel, 8-input mixer
  • 2 additional stereo channels
  • Selectable main-monitor operation
  • Tape-out jacks for performance recording
  • Speakers can be tripod-mounted, installed, or floor standing
  • Unique one-touch EQ
  • Vocal Input Priority (lowers music when someone speaks in the mic)
  • 33"W x 24"H x 12"D
  • 55 lb.