Sound Mixing, Amplification and Processing

Yamaha MX12/4 sound audio Mixer



The MX12/4 provides 12 input channels, and mixes them to stereo or to four group outputs.

? C-R OUT jack is provided for convenient connection to a sub amp for monitoring.

? A digital Reverb effect unit is built-in,

? Two SEND jacks are provided: the MONO 1 jack (pre fader) and the EFFECT/MONO 2 jack (post/

pre fader). These can be used as sends for external effects or a monitor system.

? Phantom power is provided, so that condenser microphones requiring an external power supply

can be easily connected.

? INS I/O jacks are provided for input channels 1-4, allowing individual effects to be inserted into each


? Input channels 1-8 provide both XLR type mic inputs and TRS phone line inputs. Channels 9-12

provide stereo line inputs. The MX12/4 accommodates a wide range of sources, from microphones to

line level devices and stereo output synthesizers.

? TAPE IN jacks and REC OUT jacks make it easy to connect tape decks for playback and recording