Sound Mixing, Amplification and Processing

Mackie CFX16 MK II 16 channel Sound Board Mixer

Mackie CFX16 MK II 16 channel Sound Board Mixer



The convenience of built-in effects without compromise of sound quality.

The CFX-16 mixer features a 16x4x1 configuration with 12 mic/line mono channels and 2 stereo line channels.

Mackie CFX16-mkII at a Glance:

16 channels - 12 mono mic/line and 2 stereo line

Channels complete with inserts, trim, and aux sends

Built-in 32-bit EMAC digital effects processor with 16 effects

Tough enough for live


  • High-headroom mic preamps with RF rejection
  • 16 channels (12 mic/line mono, and 2 stereo line channels)
  • 32-bit EMAC digital effects with 9 reverbs, 4 delays, phaser, chorus, flange; 2 parameter controls + EFX wide spatial expander
  • External and internal EFX sends
  • EFX to Monitor control
  • 9-band stereo graphic equalizer
  • Inserts on all mic channels and main mix
  • True 4-bus design with direct sub outs and L/R assign
  • 2 Pre/Post Aux sends and internal/external FX level sends on each channel
  • 3-band EQ with swept mid (100Hz to 8kHZ) on mic/line channels
  • 4-band EQ on stereo line channels
  • Pan, Mute, PFL solo on each channel
  • Inserts and 100Hz low-cut filters on all mic/line channels
  • Subwoofer output from built-in 18dB/oct. 75Hz crossover
  • Ingenious BREAK switch
  • Headphone output with level control
  • Tape/CD inputs with level control assignable to Main Mix via Break switch
  • Logarithmic taper 60mm faders
  • 48V phantom power
  • 12V BNC lamp jack