Professional Video Cameras

Canon XL2 Mini DV Video Cameras / Camcorder


State-of-the-art DV imagery and controls; 24P mode; interchangeable lenses; native 16:9 capture. The Canon XL series is the Porsche 911 of DV camcorders. Through continual technological upgrading, that Porsche has remained a state-of-the-art sports car for more than 40 years. And love it or hate it, no other car looks or drives like a 911.


  • 20 X Zoom Lens
  • XLR Mic connectors
  • 1 x IEEE 1394 (FireWire/i.LINK), 1 x Control-L (LANC


  • Manfreto Tripod
  • Video Lighting
  • Focus Enhancements FS-4HD recorder
  • Sony Premium 60 (LP 90)minutes Mini DV tapes
  • Sony Premium 80 (LP 120) minutes Mini DV Tapes
  • Canon Wide Angle Video Lens 3XZoom XL 3.4-10.2mm 1:1.8 -2.2 072
  • Canon VL-3 small camera mounted light